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  • RP-35CF-C
    Rope barrier with special rose gold ball head.
  • RP-36IK
    Rope barrier with 360mm stackable iron base.
  • RP-35ID
    Rope barrier with 350mm iron base.
  • RP-35IF
    Rope barrier with 350mm flat iron base.
  • RP-35IS
    Rope barrier with 350mm stepped iron base.
  • RP-32CC
    Rope barrier with 320mm horn plastic cement base.
  • RP-32CH
    Rope barrier with 320mm helmet plastic cement base.
  • WB-2/WB-4/WB-2-80
    3m-4.5m metal wall mount stanchion.
  • WU-2-RD
    Wall mount stanchion which install inside the wall.
  • WU-P
    Plastic 3m 5m 10m wall mount stanchion.
  • WU-RT
    Plastic rotated 180 degree wall mount stanchion.
  • WU-ROD
    Plastic rotated wall mount stanchion.
  • SH-A4 / SH-A3
    A3 / A4 stanchion sign holder.
  • BP-36CD
  • SH-A4B
    U shape stanchion sign holder.
  • SH-A4C
    A4 stanchion sign holder for rope barrier.
  • SH-A4D
    Acrylic stanchion sign holder.
  • RC-2/RC-4
    3-4 meters barrier belt for retractable belt barrier.
  • ARC-2
    Barrier belt for aluminum retractable belt barrier.
  • SE-01/02
    28mm / 38mm stanchion rope ends.
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