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Cafe Barrier


Maximize outdoor seating area.

Branded cafe barriers available.

Two sides printing available.

Various color / material options.

Multiple finishes.


Barriers center distance: L1000x1500(Standard)

Banner option: L800x1500mm / L800x2000mm

3.Queue Barrier:

Material: Stainless Steel

Finishes: SS polish / brush steel

Base: 8 / 13.5kgs with iron

4.Acrylic Advertisement Board:

Size: L1200mmx800mm / L1700mmx800mm

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TRAUST---The professional Retracble Barrier System Manufacturer

Cafe Barrier is the best choice for separating specific places for restaurant, cafe, club, stores and supermarkets. It can create any specific area and promoting your advertisement, special offers at the same time.

咖啡栏杆3.fw.png                         咖啡栏杆1.fw.png

The premium cafe barrier is a perfect accompaniment for any café, bar, restaurant or hotel.

咖啡栏杆2.fw.png                   咖啡栏杆4.fw.png        

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