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Retractable Belt Barrier Stanchion

Cassette: Braking cassette for safely slow retraction 4-way retractable belt

Belt: 2.3-3.6m length / 4.8cm width

Tube: Dia50.80mm or Dia63.50mm stainless steel or steel tube

Cover: Dia350mm Stainless steel or steel cover

Base: 8kg or 13.5kg iron base(Regular M12 bolt connection or threaded iron base)

Finishes: Polish, brushed, powder coating 

Overall height: 1000mm

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Line Control Retractable Belt Barriers -- BP-35ID


BP-35ID is one of queue master retractable belt barriers.


I will introduce BP-35ID depending on the points that you are interested in.

Barrier label                 

Barrier belt cassette      

Retractable barrier tape

• Handle of barrier belt   

Barrier post                  

Barrier cover and base 


1. Barrier label

We provide customize service to print the information of your company on the label.

We provide metal label, plastic label and so on.

If you want to know more about label, please contact us for details. Here is an example of traust.


Custom Barrier Label.jpg

2. Barrier belt cassette

The cassette on the top of barrier post is used to install barrier belt.

In order to slow down to protect user, we set braking system in the cassette.

Because barrier belt will retract back in high speed without braking system which make it become sharp.


3. Retractable barrier tape 

About retractable barrier belt, maybe you are more interested in its color, size and something about print. Now, I will tell you the details one by one.


• About barrier belt color

We have some common colors for you to choose. Look at the following picture. You can choose any color below for your belt barrier. But if you want other color, please tell us, we can provide you customize service.


Retractable Stanchion Belt Color Selections-TRAUST.jpg

•About barrier belt size

BP-35ID can be used with 2.3-3.6 meter length and 4.8cm width barrier belt. You can choose any length between 2.3 meter and 3.6 meter.


•About printed barrier belt

Any information is supported to print on the barrier belt. For example, you can print your company logo, your company name or some warning tips and so on. If you have any needs in this customized print, please contact us, we will communicate more details with you.


Retractable Safety Barrier With Printed Tape.jpgPrinted Barrier Belt.jpg


4. Handle of barrier belt 

Handle is an important part of the whole barrier.


Handle usually use to buckle on the other end.


But if the handle without any system, it will fall down easily after long time usage.


Our handle have self-locked system which make the handle can lock itself when buckle on the other end.


Self-locked system helps to extend usage life. And it is more convenient during usage. Because the handle without self-locked system may fall off easily.


Now, maybe you will confuse how to take it off. Don’t worry. That’s very easy. We will teach you in this video.


5. Barrier post 

Speaking about barrier post, I want to tell you three things: barrier post finish, material and size.


First one, the finish of barrier post.

You can choose these several finishes: polish finish, golden finish, brushed finish and black finish.


Line Control Retractable Belt Barriers -- BP-35ID--Polish Finish-2.jpg

Second, what’s material do they made by?

Black finish is made by steel.

The other finishes are made by stainless steel.

Line Control Retractable Belt Barriers -- BP-35ID--Black Finish.jpg


Third, how about the size of barrier post?

The diameter is 63.50mm.

Their thickness should be 0.8mm or 1.0mm. Which thickness depends on which material they made by.

If barrier post is made by stainless steel, then its thickness should be 0.8mm. So if it is made by steel, its thickness should be 1.0mm.


How about its height? I will tell you our common overall height of barrier post and base is 975mm. You can choose any height you want actually. More details please contact us.


6. Barrier cover and base: size and material

The finish, material and thickness of barrier cover are same as the barrier post.


The diameter of cover and base is 350mm.


The shape of cover is semi-domed.


The material of the base is iron with rubber which help to protect the floor.

Line Control Retractable Belt Barriers -- BP-35ID--Polish Cover.jpgLine Control Retractable Belt Barriers -- BP-35ID--Iron Base.jpg

--------------------------Above all is the basic information for BP-35ID --------------------------


If you have any questions about our product, please feel free to contact us.


You can contact us by two ways: by our online service or leave us a message.


During our work time, we will provide online service. When you browse our products, if our online service is online, please contact us directly.


But if we are off-work, our online service won’t online, you can leave us a message. We will contact you as soon as possible.


----------------------------------------------- About Traust -----------------------------------------------


1. Traust as a stanchion supplier and barrier manufacturer from 2006 is located in Guangzhou, China.


2. We have set our own quality inspection team. Before every delivery, our quality inspection department will arrange quality inspection to ensure quality fine.


3. We have strong produce capacity. We can finish and load one or two containers every working day.


4. Our products have sold to many countries all around the world.


5. We have rich experience to manufacture and marketing barriers. Any questions you have for importing barriers from China, we will try our best to help you to solve.


6. We are looking forward to cooperating with your company.


Traust Office.jpg

----------------------------------------------- The End -----------------------------------------------


Thanks for your reading!


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