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Crowd Control Stanchion

Cassette: Braking cassette for safely slow retraction 4-way retractable belt

Belt Size: 2.3-3.6m length/4.8cm width

Tube: Dia 63.50mm stainless steel tube with 0.8mm thickness or steel with 1mm Tube

Cover: Dia 350mm stainless or steel cover

Base: Wheel Iron base with rubber under the base for floor protection

Finishes: Polish, brushed, powder coating

Overall height: 955mm

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Retractable Belt Barrier With Wheeled Base -- BP-35IF-WH


Do you think retractable belt stanchions base is too heavy to move? Do you think if there is a wheel on the base, then it will be more convenient?


If you want to find a professed retractable belt barrier supplier to make it, I think you have found it. That’s Traust! This kind of stanchion is called BP-35IF-WH by traust.


Here is a video about how to use this kind of retractable belt barrier. In the video, you also can see some details about the wheeled base.


The diameter of the stanchion base is about 350mm. And the shape of the cover is flat. On the edge, there is a small wheel. Proper design makes the wheel enough to support the weight of belt barrier.

Stanchion Wheeled Base.jpgWheel Base Run On the Floor.jpg

The image of barrier base is below. You can see it clearly. The material is iron. The stanchion base makes by iron can make it very strong. The middle hole is used to install the screw to connect the base and the barrier pole.


Stanchion Base With Wheel.jpg

As other retractable belt stanchions, BP-35IF-WH have different finishes, too.


 BP-35-IF-WH Mirror FinishBP-35IF-WH Black Finish

Golden finish, mirror finish and matte finish barriers are made in stainless steel. Which can be used outdoor. And the black stanchions are made by steel. So we suggest you to use indoor. If you have other usage, and you want some professed suggestion, please feel free to ask our sales.


Our retractable belt barriers can be used in many occasions. Such as used as bank stanchions, airport stanchions, used in the restaurant for the line, used in the museum, subway station and so on. Crown control barrier can use in any occasion that need to manage the crowd.

From the perspective of customers, we help customers solve the problems and provide them with professional services.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.

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