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Crowd Control Stanchion

Cassette: Braking cassette for safely slow retraction 4-way retractable belt

Belt Size: 2.3-3.6m length/4.8cm width

Tube: Dia 63.50mm SS Tube

Cover: Dia 360mm SS cover

Base: Iron base with rubber under the base for floor protection

Finishes: Polish, Brushed, Powder coating black

Overall height: 910-1000mm

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Item BP-36IK---Retractable Belt Stanchion with Stackable Iron Base

 The Feature of BP-36IK:

>The stanchion cassette has breaking system.

>We manufacture high quality belt barrier.

>The stanchion base is stack-able.

>Customized logo and printed barrier belt are available.

>Customized the height of stanchion post is available.


If you are finding a kind of belt stanchion, which has good quality and help to save some room meanwhile. Traust will be your best choose.


Traust is a good retractable belt barrier supplier in China. Traust manufactures crown control stanchions more than 10 years. So traust is an expert in this area, and we will give you profess service.

The belt stanchion in this page is a special barrier. It has a special base.

After watching the video, let’s learn more about this retractable belt stanchion. You may have the following questions.

>Whether you can print your logo on the stanchion belt?

>How many stanchion belt colors we supply?

>How many finishes our metal stanchion posts have?

>What’s the material of the base?



Question #1: Whether you can print your logo on the stanchion belt?

Answer: Yes. We can help you to print your logo on the belt. For the printing example, please refer to the following picture. 

Printed Retractable Barriers

Question #2: How many stanchion belt colors we supply?

Answer: Belt color selections are as below for your reference:

 Stanchion Belt Color Selection

You can choose single color or dual color. The thickness of single color barrier belt and dual color one are different. It also depends on the belt length.


Question #3: How many finishes our metal stanchion posts have?

Answer: The finish of stanchion post can be gold, mirror, matte and black. The following three pictures correspond to three kinds of stanchion pole finishes.

BP-36IK Golden Finish                                   BP-36IK-Mirror Finish                                                   BP-36IK-Black Finish

         Golden                                                         Mirror                                                                 Black

Question #4: What’s the material of the base?

Answer: The stanchion base and cover is flat, which is easier to stack. And the material of the base is iron.

The image of the base:

Stackable Base Cover of Stanchion                                                                                   Stackable Base of Stanchion

    Stackable Base Cover                                                                                          Stackable Base

If you have other questions, please feel free to let us know


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