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Crowd Control Stanchion Posts With Double Retractable Belt

Belt: 2.3-3.43m length / 4.8cm width

Tube: Dia.63.50mm

Cover: Dia.360mm domed cover

Base: Plastic cement base / Iron base

Overall Height: 1000mm

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Crowd Control Stanchion Posts With Double Retractable Belt -- DRBP-36ICD


DBP-36CD is a special retractable belt stanchion. Because it has two stanchion belts while common stanchion have only one.


6 Crowd Control Stanchion Posts With Double Retractable Belt.jpg

What about the features of other parts? Now, I will introduce the stanchion from the top to the base for you in detail.


All the content about this stanchion I want to introduce can be divided into the following points.

Cassette for Belt Post

Stanchion Belt

Stanchion Post

Stanchion Cover & Base

Application Occasion


No.1 Cassette for Belt Post

On the top and the middle of stanchion post, there is a cassette which is used to install retractable belt.

In the belt cassettes, we set braking system. As its name’s mean, braking system is used to slow down. The stanchion belt is pulled out and retract back with high speed without braking system. That will be very dangerous. In high speed, the belt will be too shape to hurt user. So the braking system plays a protection role.


Another special advantage is our handle. The end of stanchion belt, we always set a handle. Common handle without any function, just buckle on the other end. And it easy fall off and inconvenient. In order to solve this problem, our handle design with self-lock system. Self-lock makes it firm to buckle on the other end. But it also easy to take off.


The video below will help you know braking system and self-lock system more clearly.


No.2 Stanchion Belt

Stanchion belt always divided in several categories: single color belt, multicoloured belt, printed belt.

About stanchion belt color, we have common color selection for you to refer. You can choose any color in it. But if what color you want is not in the common selection, please contact us and tell us your target color. We can provide customize service.


Retractable Belt Color Options.jpg

About printed stanchion belt, you can contact us to customize. Any information can be printed. Here has two examples.


Retractable Crowd Control Barriers -- BP-36CD-With Printed Tape.jpgPrinted Barrier Belt.jpg

What about the size of stanchion belt? Is it the belt length on the top and middle are same?


Now, I will tell you the answer.


The stanchion belt length of the top and middle are different. The stanchion belt on the top can be longer than the stanchion belt on the middle.


The size of the stanchion belt on the top is 2.3-3.6 meter length with 4.8cm width while the middle is 2.3-3.4 meter length.


No.3 Stanchion Post

First, let’s talk something about the size of stanchion post. The diameter is 63.50mm. The height of stanchion post is supported to customize. The common overall height of the post and base is 1000mm. If you want other height, please contact us for customization.


The finish of stanchion post can be polish, brushed, gold and black.


The material can be stainless steel or steel.


Usually, polish finish, brushed finish and gold finish are made by stainless steel while the black finish is made by steel.


The thickness of the stanchion post which is made by stainless steel is 0.8mm while made by steel is 1.0mm.


DRBP-36ICD-2 removable traffic barrier, crowd control stanchion, dual belt barrier post, retractable dual belt barrier stanchion.jpgDRBP-36ICD-3 removable traffic barrier, crowd control stanchion, dual belt barrier post, retractable dual belt barrier stanchion.jpg

No.4 Stanchion Cover & Base

The information of cover is same as the stanchion post. Including material, finish and thickness.


The diameter of cover and base is 360mm.


There are three kinds of stanchion base that you can choose: plastic cement base and iron base. All of them have the function to protect the floor.


crowd control barrier stanchion plastic cement base.jpgcrowd control barrier stanchion iron base.jpg

No.5 Application Occasion

Line stanchions can be used as a crowd control system to help manage the crowd in somewhere like museum, school, restaurant, bank, airport and so on.


Retractable stanchion can play many roles which depend on where they use in.

If belt stanchions are used in the bank to control the crown, then they play as bank stanchions.

If they are used in the airport to be as queue solutions, then they play as airport stanchions.


The following picture is one of our projects to provide belt stanchions for airport using.


Airport Stanchion -- DBP-36CD.jpg

That’s all the basic information about DBP-36CD.


Next, I want to tell you something about Traust.

1. What kind of company are we?

-- We are crowd control barriers manufacturer in Guangzhou, China.


2. When was we found?

-- We was found in 2006. We have rich experience on manufacturing and marketing stanchions.


3. Where our stanchions sold to?

-- All around the world. We also have cooperated with top three brand companies in stanchion industry around the world.


4. What’s our advantages?

-- We have our own engineer team, who can provide design idea and make the drawing from clients come true.

-- We have our own quality control team, who will arrange quality inspections for each order before delivery to make sure the quality fine.

-- We also provide after-sale service. After receive our products, if our clients have any questions about anything, they can contact us any time, and we will try our best to help them solve the problems.


Traust Office.jpg

After reading all of these information, If you want to know more details about our products or know more about us, please feel free to contact us in any time.


Thanks for your reading. We are looking forward to have a long-term relationship with your company.


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