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Cassette: Braking cassette for safely slow retraction, 4-way retractable belt
Material: Steel / SUS 201 / SUS 304
Finishes: Black / polish / satin
Tube: φ63.50mm / φ76mm tube
Belt: 3-5meters
Base: 6kgs φ350mm flat plastic concrete base
Height: 980-1000mm

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BP-35CF is a hot-selling retractable belt barrier with flat plastic concrete base, which is highly sought after for use in airports, train stations, exhibitions, restaurants, banks, shops, hotels, cinemas, schools, conference centers, etc.

Product Features
. Flat plastic base with rubber under the base for floor protection
. Patented braking system for cassette slow retraction
. Rotated 360 degree head option
. 4-way retractable cassette
. Branding information top sticker is available
. Printed belt is available
. Customized belt length is available
. Customzied Pantone color of belt is available
. Auto-lock belt end
. 14 different belt ends options
. More than 30 colors of belt options
. Customzied RAL color of post is available
. Customzied overall height is available
. Assembly instructions is available

Video of auto-lock belt end

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