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Cassette: Braking cassette for safely slow retraction, 4-way retractable belt
Material: Steel / SUS 201 / SUS 304
Finishes: Black / polish / satin
Tube: φ63.50mm / φ76mm tube
Belt: 3-5meters
Base: 8kgs φ360mm plastic concrete / iron domed base
Height: 1000mm

#1 Airport Project - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

#2 Project - NEW York, America

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BP-36ICD is the best-selling retractable belt barrier with domed base, which is highly sought after for use in airports, train stations, exhibitions, restaurants, banks, shops, hotels, cinemas, schools, conference centers, etc.

Product Features
. Domed base with rubber under the base for floor protection
. Plastic concrete or iron base options
. Patented braking system for cassette slow retraction
. Rotated 360 degree head option
. 4-way retractable cassette
. Branding information top sticker is available
. Printed belt is available
. Customized belt length is available
. Customzied Pantone color of belt is available
. Auto-lock belt end
. 14 different belt ends options
. More than 30 colors of belt options
. Customzied RAL color of post is available
. Customzied overall height is available
. Assembly instructions is available

Video of BP-36ICD

Video of auto-lock belt end

Video of aassembly instructio

Further information of projects

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands

详情页项目图 1 加水印 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Netherlands. Retractable Crowd Control Barriers.jpg

Staten Island Ferry, New York, America

详情页项目图 2 加水印 Staten Island Ferry, New York, America. Retractable Crowd Control Barriers.jpg

International Convention Center Sydney, Australia

详情页项目图 3 加水印 Retractable Crowd Control Barriers.jpg

Dubai International Airport, Dubai

详情页项目图 4 加水印 Dubai International Airport, Dubai. Retractable Crowd Control Barriers.jpg

Goteborg, Sweden

详情页项目图 5 加水印 Goteborg, Sweden. Retractable Crowd Control Barriers.jpg

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