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Retractable Belt Barrier

Cassette: Braking cassette for safely retraction 4-way retractable belt

Belt: 2.3-3.6m length / 4.8cm width

Tube: Dia63.50mm Stainless steel or steel tube

Cover: Dia350mm Stainless steel or steel domed cover

Base: Domed concrete base with rubber under the base for floor protection

Finishes: Polish, brushed, powder coating, Chromed

Overall height: 1000mm

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TRAUST---The professional Retracble Barrier System Manufacturer

We offer a high-quality durable Stanchions. Our queue barriers have patent with its branking system of cassette,which will not hurt people when using, also it can protect the finishes of tube and protect the belt end.

BP-36CD1.fw.png   DBP-36CD3.fw.png

>Cassette: Braking cassette for safety slow retraction 4-way retractable belt.

>Belt Length : 2.3-3.6 Metres/4.8cm width

>Tube : Dia63.5mm or Dia50.80mm stainless steel or Steel tube

>Cover : Dia 360mm domed base cover

>Base : Concrete base with rubber under the base for floor protection

>Finishes : Polish Mirror finishes / Black Powder Coated / Golden

>Overall Height : 1000mm

>Unit Weight:  10Kgs

>Belt color selections are as below for your reference,


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