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Plastic Stanchions -- BP-UT


Outdoor crowd control barrier is plastic stanchion post with rubber base. It is always used outdoor.


We also have another plastic stanchion with dual belts, DBP-UT.


Plastic Stanchions -- BP-UT.jpgDual Belt Plastic Stanchions -- DBP-UT.jpg

» Plastic stanchion belt cassette

» Plastic stanchion post             

» Rubber base                            


» Plastic stanchion belt cassette



On the top of stanchion belt cassette, you can customize label.


Company name or logo or website or other information is available.


Here is an example from Traust.

Custom Barrier Label.jpg


Stanchion belt

This belt cassette is enough to install 2.3-3.6 meter length with 4.8cm belt.


In the product pictures, you can see the plastic stanchion belt color is red/white and yellow/black.


Red plastic stanchion post match with red/white belt and yellow plastic stanchion post match with yellow/black belt are standard match that our customers usually prefer.


We also supply other common colors, please have a refer in the following picture.

Retractable Stanchion Belt Color Selections-TRAUST.jpg


The letter ”P” + number on each color is the code of that color.


For example, “P15” means the color “red/white”. Now, you will feel clear. Right?


Braking system

After you see this title, maybe you will feel confused. What is the braking system? What does it do? Now, I will tell you one by one.


First, braking system is used to slow down the stanchion belt.


Why to slow down? Because after you pull out the stanchion belt and let it retract back, the belt will retract with high speed under the action of spring.


What’s wrong when the belt retract with high speed? Its edge will become sharp. That will be dangerous. Because it may cut user. Which make it unsafe.


So barking system is very necessary for user protection.


The technology of braking system we use is our own research. We have patent for it.


Self-locked handle

On the other end of barrier belt is handle, which is used to hold and pull out the belt, then buckle on somewhere.


Common handle don’t have any system, it can just buckle, but easy fall down.


Our handle has self-locked system, which helps to make the handle more firm after buckle.


When buckle on the other end, handle will lock itself, and it will not fall down except you take it off.


But how to take it off? On the handle, you can see something in red or other color, hold it and pull it out gently, then remove the handle.


Stanchion Belt Handle-RED LOCK.jpg

» Plastic stanchion post

Stanchion pole is made by plastic. Its diameter is 63.50mm.


We have three colors for you to choose: red, yellow and black.


Plastic Stanchions -- BP-UT.jpgPlastic Stanchions -- BP-UT--Black Post.jpg

The overall height of stanchion post and rubber base is 925mm.


» Rubber base

The material of the base is recycled rubber.

Plastic Stanchions -- BP-UT--Rubber Base.jpg



Above all are the basic information of outdoor plastic stanchion, BP-UT.


If you are interested in this stanchion product, please feel free to contact us.


If you have some questions, just contact us and ask us. We will provide you professional service.


You also can contact us for product quotation.


We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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