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Tube: Dia.50.80mm

Cover: Dia.360mm stackable cover

Base: Stackable iron base

Overall Height: Ball top 950mm / Crown top 910mm / Flat top 855mm

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Premium Style Velvet Rope & Twist Rope Barrier -- RP-36IK


If you want to buy the rope barriers with stackable base, which can help you save more space, RP-36IK can satisfy your request.


We also have belt stanchion with stackable base, BP-36IK, you can click the link to lean more details.


To match with this rope post, ball top, crown top, crown flat top and flat top is available.

If you want to customize logo label, we will suggest you to choose crown flat top.


Rope Post Barriers--Ball Head.jpgRope Post Barriers--Crown Head.jpgRope Post Barriers--Crown Flat Head.jpgRope Post Barriers--Flat Head.jpg

About the finishes of this rope barrier, gold, polish, matte and black is available.

If you want to use outdoor, we will suggest you to choose gold finish or polish finish or matte finish. Because gold, polish and matte finish rope barriers are made by stainless steel. They suitable to use outdoor. But the black one is made by steel. It should be used indoor.


Rope Post Barriers--RP-36IK Gold Finish.jpgRope Post Barriers--RP-36IK--Polish Finish--Ball Top.jpg

The cover and base is flat and thin. There is a notch on the base, too. All these features make the rope barriers easier to stack.

The diameter of the cover and base is about 360mm.

The finish of the cover is same as the rope post.

The material of the base is iron, which make the rope barrier stronger.


Rope Post Barriers--RP-36IK--Stackable Base-2.jpgRope Post Barriers--RP-36IK--Stackable Base-1.jpg

Because of the thin base, the overall height of BP-36IK will a little shorter than other rope barriers. But if you want higher rope post, we can satisfy you, too. Because traust is a stanchion manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. You can ask our online service for help, we will give you professional service.


Here is our rope barrier’s conventional height.

Rope post with ball head and stackable base, the overall height is 950mm.

Rope post with crown head/crown flat head and stackable base, the overall height is 910mm.

Rope post with flat head and stackable base, the overall height is 855mm.


Rope Post Barriers--RP-36IK--Polish Finish--Flat Top.jpg

Here is a video of BP-36IK. You can lean how to use the stackable base. BP-36IK and RP-36IK have the same base.




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