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SH-A4 / SH-A3

Style: Portrait / Lanscape

Material: Stainless steel or steel frame, SS / Steel / PA adptor for retractable belt barriers with Dia63.50mm tube or Aluminum posts

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Stanchion Sign Holder -- SH-A4/SH-A3


As a leading stanchion manufacturer in China, traust also manufacture sign holder, which use for belt stanchion or rope barrier.


We sale the stanchion sign holder, which only have half side. We call it SH-A4B.

Stanchion sign holder which can rotate in 360 degree, SH-A4D.

Stanchion sign holder, SH-A4C, use for rope barrier.


Stanchion Sign Holder--SH-A4B.jpgStanchion Sign Holder--SH-A4D.jpgStanchion Sign Holder--SH-A4C.jpg

In the following video, you can learn all kinds of stanchion sign holder we manufacture, and you can learn how to use them. You can know more special features of them, too.


This kind of stanchion sign holder can make into A4 or A3 size. Vertical and horizontal is available.


Stanchion Sign Holder --SH-A4  SH-A3.jpg

The sign holder will be made in stainless steel or steel. That’s depend on which finish you choose. We provide two kinds of finish, polish and black.


If you choose polish finish, the material will be stainless steel.

If you choose black finish, the material will be steel.

No matter which stanchion sign holder finish you choose, we will equip you with two acrylic plates.


Stanchion Sign Holder--SH-A43--Use With Retractable  Belt Barrier.jpg

Our stanchion sign holder can be used for retractable belt stanchion with Dia.63.50mm or Dia.76mm or aluminum belt barrier. On the left of the following picture, is the stanchion sign holder which use for aluminun belt barrier. We can notice that its bottom is different from another one use for retractable belt barrier.


Stanchion Sign Holder --SH-A4  SH-A3 -- Use for Aluminum & Belt Retractable  Barrier.jpg

Why us?

We have our own factory. In the production process, we will strictly control every detail to ensure the quality of our products.


Manufacturing Stanchion Sign Holder--Traust Co., Ltd.

In addition, we also have a quality inspection department and after-sales service.


We arrange quality inspection before shipment to ensure our customers receive qualified products.


We provide after-sales service so that our customers can contact us to help solve problems when they find quality problems during sales or use.


We will help our customers as much as possible during the entire manufacturing and sales process.


If you have any questions about our product, please feel free to contact us by email or online service.


We are traust, please trust us. We are looking forward to cooperating with you.

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