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Stanchion Cart

Loading capacity: 18 / 21 pieces of Dia50.80mm or Dia63.50mm posts

Material: Steel powder coated black

Wheel: 2 casters and 2 fixed wheels

Weight: 80kg

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Stanchion Cart -- CAT-A


The crowd control stanchion posts with retractable belt or the rope barrier is very heavy. So they are not easy to move. If you move them one by one, that will waste your time or energy or manpower. You need a tool, like a stanchion storage cart, to help you. That will more convenient.


The bases of retractable belt stanchions or rope barriers are big and heavy. When you store them, you can’t stack the base to save space without any protection. (Except BP-36IK and RP-36IK.) So when you store the stanchions, they will take up a lot of space. That is really annoying.


But we can give you a well solution to solve the problems of move and store the stanchions. When you need to move or store your crowd control stanchions, whether they are the retractable belt stanchions or rope barriers, our exclusive stanchion storage cart can provides you with one easy solution.


We have two kinds of stanchion storage carts. This one is CAT-A. I will tell you more details in this page. Another one is CAT-B. You can learn more in its product page.


Stanchion Cart--CAT-A.jpgStanchion Cart-CAT-B.jpg

CAT-A can help you to store 18 queue control barriers, but their posts should be Dia.50.80mm or Dia.63.50mm. You can put the barriers on it in this way. (Look at the following picture.)

Stanchion Cart-CAT-A-1.JPGStanchion Cart-CAT-A-2.JPG


On the surface of the stanchion storage cart, there is a layer of steel powder coating, which can prevent the product rust during the usage. Meanwhile, it can help to extend product life.


Under the stanchion storage cart, there are 4 wheels. 2 casters and 2 fixed wheels, which make the stanchion cart have stronger structure and make it easy to use.


The whole weight of this stanchion storage cart is about 80kg.


If you are interesting in this stanchion cart or if you want to know more, you can ask our online service for help. We will give you professional reply and efficient service. But if we are not online, maybe that’s our off work time, you can leave a message for us. We will reply you once we receive the message.

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