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Cassette: Braking cassette for safely slow retraction

Belt Size: 2.3m  length/4.8cm width

Tube: Dia 63.50mm stainless steel tube with 0.6mm thickness or steel with 1mm thickness (Nylon Bung)

Cover: Dia 320mm stainless steel cover with 0.6mm thickness or steel cover with 0.6mm thickness

Base: 5KG Concrete base with rubber under the base for floor protection

Overall height: standard height 910mm

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Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers -- BP-32CF


As a leading crowd control barriers manufacturer, we provide several kinds of queue barriers which have different head or different barrier post finish or different barrier base. That’s in order to suffice different clients’ different requirement. We also can made stanchions with different materials.


If you want to use outdoor, we will suggest you to choose the retractable belt barriers with stainless steel which can protect the product to rust. In other words, we will suggest you to choose the belt barrier with silver finish or gold finish.


What about the black one? It is made by steel. That means retractable belt barrier with black finish is not suitable to use outdoor. Is there a solution? Yes. We can provide outdoor powder coating which make it strong enough to use outdoor.


About the Cassette:

In order to prevent the barrier belt retract back with high speed to hurt user, we invent braking system. What’s the braking system? As the name suggests, it can help to slow down so that it can play a protection role. Why we say that’s our invention? Because we have patent for it. That’s a good feature for our products.


Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers.jpg

Our products are custom retractable belt barriers. On the top of the barrier head, you can customize logo on the label.

Custom Barrier Label.jpg

They also are printed retractable barriers. You can customize printed barrier belt with logo or some tips. We have three kinds of printed way: single side printed, both sides on same position printed and both sides on different position printed.


Here is the example for both sides on different position.

Printed Barrier Belt.jpg


About the barrier belt:

The size of the belt is 2.3m length with 4.8cm. What about the color? You can choose any color in the following picture. Every color has its number, just tell us the number, then we will get it.


Retractable Belt Color Options.jpg

There are something special for our barrier belt handle, too. The handle work with auto-lock system. When the handle is buckled on the other end, it will automatically lock, so that the barrier belt is not easy to fall off. You can lean this feature more clearly in the following video.


About the barrier post:

The diameter of the barrier post is 63.50 mm.

Silver finish, gold finish, matte finish and black finish is available.


About the barrier cover and the barrier base:

The size of the barrier cover is Dia. 320mm.

The shape of the barrier cover is flat.

The finish of the barrier cover is same as the pole.

The material of the barrier base is concrete base.


Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers -- BP-32CF.jpg

If you are interesting in our product, but you still don’t know our products very well. Don’t worry. We provide professional service. You can ask our online service for your confusion. We will answer you with profession and patient. But if we are not online, leave us a message please. We will contact you once we receive it.


You also can ask for a sample to check the quality of our product. Just contact us, then we will try our best to help you.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

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