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Elastic Strip:Diameter 6mm Elastic strip

Tube:Diameter 25mm tube with 1.5mm thickness wall

Cover:Dia 350mm  flat cover with 12mm height

Base:Galvanized steel base with 3 rubber for floor protection

Overall height:Standard height 450mm and 900mm available 

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Museum Barrier System -- RP-35SF


RP-35SF is a kind of museum stanchion which is used in the museum.


This museum barrier control the crown by elastic strip which diameter is 6mm.


Now, I will tell you the details of RP-35SF from top to base in the following text.


• Top of museum barrier

On the top of RP-35SF is barrier rope. But this kind of barrier rope is different from traditional rope. It use elastic strip to instead traditional rope.


• Post of museum barrier

The diameter of museum barrier post is 25mm with its post wall’s thickness is 1.5mm.


What about the height? The overall height of museum rail post and base is 450mm or 900mm.


And its finishes? Museum barrier has only two finishes: polish and black.


Museum Barrier System -- RP-35SF--450mm Height.jpgMuseum Barrier System -- RP-35SF--900mm Dual Line.jpg

• Cover and base of museum barrier

Cover and base is flat with diameter 350mm and 12mm height.


The material of its base is galvanized steel with three rubber for floor protection.


Museum Barrier System -- RP-35SF--Base.jpg

The finishes of cover can be Matt, white, yellow and red.

Museum Barrier System -- RP-35SF--Different Bases.jpg


Museum barrier types

RP-35SF has three types.


If you want the height 450mm, it only has single line.


If you want the height 900mm, you can choose single line or dual line.


Museum Barrier System -- RP-35SF--900mm Single Line.jpgMuseum Barrier System -- RP-35SF--900mm Dual Line.jpg

• Another end of elastic strips

Another end of elastic strips is wall plate which is used to firm the strips on the wall.


Wall plate has two finishes, too. Same as museum barrier post: polish finish and black finish.


Above all is all the basic information for museum barrier, RP-35SF.


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