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Material:  Steel powder coated black,PA adaptor

Size:  A4

Tray:  steel black, size 12*12cm, thickness 2mm

For belt barrier with Dia63.50mm tube

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Stanchion Sign Holder -- SH-A4T


Stanchion sign holder usually use on the top of barrier. SH-A4T is a sign holder, and it also has a tray for hand lotion.


There are two parts of SH-A4T, sign holder and a tray. The connection between stanchion sign holder and the retractable belt stanchion is SH-A4B, a kind of sign holder, too. The top of SH-A4T, that’s SH-A4B. You can click the link to learn more detail about SH-A4B. Or you can lean the structure in the following picture.


Stanchion Sign Holder--SH-A4T-Details.jpg

There is a device at the bottom, which can put the sign holder stand on the stanchion. Between the device at the bottom and the sign holder, is a PA adaptor. You can see the detail on the picture above.


Maybe you will confuse that what kinds of stanchion can this sign holder use on? Is it can use on any size of stanchion?

Here is the answers: SH-A4T is not only can use for the stanchion in this picture. It can use for any retractable belt barrier with diameter 63.50 mm tube.


Stanchion Sign Holder--SH-A4T-2.jpg

Now, let me tell you more details of material and sizes.

1) The size of the tray is 12*12cm. It is made by steel. And its thickness is 2mm. It is strong enough to hold the weight of hand lotion.


2) The material of the sign holder is steel. And the size is A4. You can put some tips on it, like “hand lotion here”.


3) The material or the size of the stanchion depends on which stanchion item do you want. You can browse our stanchion products to choose. Or you can tell us your requirement, we will recommend related products to you according to your requirements.


Stanchion Sign Holder--SH-A4T-4.jpg

Something about Traust:

We are a stanchion manufacturer in Guangzhou, China. This product is made in our own factory. We control the quality of the products strictly. Before the shipment, we will arrange quality inspection by our quality inspection department. And we will send you the photos or documents of the inspection for confirmation. So, you can rest assured of the quality of our products.


Manufacturing Stanchion Sign Holder.jpg

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If you want to know more about this product, please contact us any time. We will online during working hours in China. If we are online, you can contact our online service. But if we are off work, you can leave a message for us. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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