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Stanchion Sign Holder

Stanchion sign holders help to remind people something important information when they are lining.


Such as “Stop Using”, “Open time: XXX”, and so on.


We provide different kinds of stanchion sign holder. They can match with retractable belt barrier, rope barrier we sale.

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  • SH-A4 / SH-A3
    A3 / A4 stanchion sign holder.
  • SH-A4B
    U shape stanchion sign holder.
  • SH-A4C
    A4 stanchion sign holder for rope barrier.
  • SH-A4D
    Acrylic stanchion sign holder.
  • SH-A4T
    Stanchion sign holder with tray for hand sanitizer.
  • SH-A4-P
    A4 plastic stanchion sign frame

Video for stanchion sign holder series.


(1)Stanchion sign holder for retractable belt barrier

(2)Stanchion sign holder for rope barrier


Stanchion sign holder for retractable belt barrier


SH-A4, SH-A4B, SH-A4D, SH-A4T---these items are used for retractable belt barriers.


Portrait or horizontal, A3 or A4 is available.

Stanchion Sign Holder --A4 A3.jpg


U shape stanchion sign holder --SH-A4B.

Stanchion Sign Holder--SH-A4B.jpg


Acrylic stanchion sign holder--SH-A4D.

stanchion top sign holder-SH-A4D(3).jpg



Stanchion sign holder for rope barrier


SH-A4C is used for rope barrier.


Sigh holder, SH-A4C, with ball, crown head is available.

Stanchion Sign Holder--SH-A4C-5.jpg


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