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Crowd Control Stanchion Barrier

Function: Semi-permanent fixed rope post/crowd control barrier

Head: Crow/ball/Flat head

Tube: Dia50.80mm stainless steel tube

Socket: Stainless Steel 304 socket for post fixed

Socket cover: Brushed finishes

Overall height: 950mm

Finishes: Brushed

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Crowd Control Equipment,Rope Barrier -- F-RP


F-RP is rope barrier. And it must be fixed on the floor socket to use.

We also have belt barrier which is used with floor socket -- F-BP.


Barrier top

Barrier label

Barrier rope

Barrier pole

Barrier floor socket


Barrier top

Barrier top, I mean barrier head, has four styles. They are ball head, crown head, crown flat head and flat head.


Barrier Head of Rope Barrier.jpg

Barrier label

Label can be paste only on the top of crown flat head.


Customize company name or logo or other information on the label is available.


Barrier rope

Rope barrier can be used as twisted rope barrier or velvet rope barrier.


Twisted rope:

The size of twisted rope is diameter 28mm with 1.5 meter length.


Stanchion Accessories -- Use with Twised Rope.jpg

The common colors are in the following picture.


Twisted Rope Color Selections.jpg

Velvet rope:

The diameter of velvet rope can be 28mm or 38mm.


Stanchion Accessories-- Use with Velvet Rope.jpg

The length of velvet rope is 1.5 meter.


Color selection is follow.


Velvet Rope Color Selections.jpg

Hook end:

No matter twisted rope or velvet rope, they need hook end to hang on the barrier pole.


Hook end we sale have two sizes, diameter 28mm and 38mm.


Polish, satin, gold, satin gold and black are available.

Barrier pole

The surface of F-RP can be polished and brushed. They are made by stainless steel 201 or 304.


The diameter of barrier pole is 50.80mm. Its thickness is 1.5mm.


The common overall height is 950mm. If you want other height, please contact us. As a great rope barriers supplier, we can satisfy your requirement.


Barrier floor socket

Floor socket is used to fixed barrier post.


Crowd Control Equipment,Rope Barrier -- F-RP--Floor Socket Top.jpgCrowd Control Equipment,Rope Barrier -- F-RP--Fixed.jpg

Floor socket installs under the floor. Its depth is 106mm and its diameter of flange is 124mm.


Crowd Control Equipment,Rope Barrier -- F-RP--Floor Socket.jpg

When you don’t need to use this rope barrier, you can remove it directly. But after you remove the barrier post, don’t forget to insert socket cover.


The diameter of socket cover is 55mm.


If you are confused or interested in this product, please feel free to contact us any time. 

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