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Crowd Control Stanchion

Cassette: Braking cassette for safely slow retraction 4-way retractable belt

Belt Size: 2.3-3.6m length/4.8cm width

Tube: Dia 63.50mm Stainless Steel Tube

Cover: Dia 350mm Stinless Steel cover

Base: Iron base with rubber under the base for floor protection

Finishes: Polish, Brushed, Powder coating black

Overall height: 955mm

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Retractable Belt Stanchions -- BP-35IF


BP-35IF is a kind of queueway stanchion which have special base. Its base is flat and thin with iron material. I will introduce you in detail in the following text.


Now, I will introduce this stanchion in these points.   

• Customize on the top or on the stanchion belt               

• Braking system in the stanchion belt cassette                

• Self-locked system on the handle of stanchion belt end

• Information for stanchion belt                                       

• Information for stanchion pole                                      

• Information for stanchion cover and base                     

Retractable Belt Stanchions -- BP-35IF--Polish Finish.jpg 


First: Customize on the top or on the stanchion belt


Maybe you are interested in something about customization.

We can provide customized service on two place. One is customizing your information on the label, then paste on the top of stanchion. Another is printing your logo or company name or some warning tips on stanchion belt.


Here is an example of customized label.


Custom Barrier Label.jpg

And the following pictures are the examples of printed belt.

Retractable Safety Barrier With Printed Tape.jpg

 Printed Barrier Belt.jpg

About the printed ways, we provide three selections. They are single side printed, both sides on same position and both sides on different position.


printed retractable barriers.jpg

If you want to know more about customization details, please feel free to contact us any time. If our online service online, please contact us directly. If we are off-line, please leave us a message, we will contact you as soon as possible.



Second: Braking system in the stanchion belt cassette


Braking system is one of special features of our stanchion products. Besides, it’s one of patents we have.


Maybe you will feel confuse, why we set braking system or what’s the effect of braking system.


If stanchion belt cassette installed without braking system, it will become dangerous. Why?


The retractable belt pull out entirely, it will retract back with high speed. Retractable crowd control belt will become sharp in high speed, so it is possible cut user’s hand. That’s unfortunately.


So, in order to protect the users during usage, we set braking system in stanchion belt cassette so that it can slow down when stanchion belt retracts back.


Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers.jpg


Third: Self-locked system on the handle of stanchion belt end


If you are an old customer of crowd control stanchions, maybe you will feel inconvenient for the handle which isn’t firm. In other words, the handle buckle on the other end, and it falls down easily.


Self-locked handle is one of our advantages.

It will lock itself when you buckle stanchion belt on the other end. And it won’t fall down itself. This feature makes it more convenient for using.


Maybe you will confuse how to take it off. It’s very easy. But it’s hard to explain in wards. So here has a video to show you. You will understand after watching.


By the way, this video including braking system and self-locked handle.


After the video, if you still feel confuse, please contact us, we will provide you professional and patient service.



Fourth: Information for stanchion belt


Speaking about stanchion belt, the important things are its color and length.


We have common colors for you to choose.

Retractable Stanchion Belt Color Selections-TRAUST.jpg


If the color you want isn’t our common color, you can contact us and tell us which color do you want, we will provide you customize service.


What about the size of stanchion belt? It is 2.3-3.6m length and 4.8cm width.



Fifth: Information for stanchion pole


The surface effect of stanchion pole can be polished, golden, brushed and black.


Different surface effect will be made by different material.


Polished, golden and brushed finishes are made by stainless steel. And their common thickness is 0.8mm.


Black finish is made by steel. It’s common thickness is 1.0mm.


No matter any surface effect you choose, the diameter is 63.50mm.


Common height of stanchion pole and base is 955mm.


If you want other stanchion pole thickness or height, please contact us to know more about customization.

Retractable Belt Stanchions -- BP-35IF--Black Finish.jpg


Sixth: Information for stanchion cover and base


The diameter of stanchion cover and base is 350mm.


The surface effect and thickness of stanchion cover are same as stanchion pole.


The shape of stanchion cover is flat with straight edges.


We have another stanchion which cover shape is flat with arc edges. The item No. of traust is BP-35IR.


The material of base is iron. In order to protect floor, the base is iron with rubber.


Retractable Belt Stanchions -- BP-35IF--Polish Base.jpgRetractable Belt Stanchions -- BP-35IF--Iron Base.jpg


----------------------------Above is all the basic information for BP-35IF----------------------------


If you want to know more detail of our products, please contact our online service or leave us a message.


We are looking forward to cooperating with your company. Hope you have good business!


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