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Retractable Belt Barrier

Retractable belt barrier usually acts as queue management equipment in banks, airports, hotels, exhibitions and other public places.

As a leading crowd control barriers manufacturer in China, we have professional sales team, production team, quality inspection department.

We can provide customized service in height of barrier, material, finish and any logo required.

You can contact our online service or leave us a message or email us to ask us any question or ask for a quotation.

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  • BP-35SF
    Retractable belt barrier with special finishes.
  • BP-35ID
    Retractable belt barrier with 350mm semi-domed cover and iron base.
  • BP-37ID
    Retractable belt barrier with 370mm semi-domed cover and iron base.
  • BP-35IF-WH
    Retractable belt barrier with 350mm iron base with wheel.
  • BP-36IK
    Retractable belt barrier with 360mm stack-able iron base.
  • BP-35IF
    Retractable belt barrier with 350mm flat and straight edge iron base.
  • DBP-36CD
    Retractable belt barrier with dual barrier tapes.
  • BP-35CF
  • BP-32CD
  • BP-36ICD
  • BP-C
  • Rotated 360 degree head
  • BP-36CD-76
  • BP-32CF
  • BP-35IR

★ Customized label

★ Retractable belt barrier head

★ Braking system

★ self-locked handle  

★ Retractable barrier belt

★ Barrier pole

★ Barrier cover & base

Customized label

We support to print your company logo or other information on the label and paste on the top of retractable belt barrier.


PVC label, metal label and so on are available.


The following picture is an example for you to refer.

Custom Barrier Label.jpg

Retractable belt barrier head

We have three types of barrier belt cassette.


1. Dia.63.50mm belt cassette, which can install 2.3-3.6 meter length barrier belt.


Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers.jpg

2. Dia.76mm belt cassette, which can install 5 meter length barrier tape.


Crowd Control Stanchion With Retractable Belt -- BP-36CD-76mm Head.jpg

3. Rotated 360 degree head, which can turn in any direction.


Rotated 360 degree Head for Retractable Belt Stanchion.jpg


This kind of barrier head only can use with Dia.63.50mm barrier post. And it can be used for each item of retractable belt barrier.

If you want to know more details, please click here. You also can contact us directly, we will provide you professional service.

Braking system

Braking system and self-locked handle are special features of our retractable belt barrier.


Braking system helps to slow down when barrier belt retract back.


What happen if retractable belt barrier without braking system? It may cut user’s hand.


Because the belt retract back with high speed under the action of spring, the barrier belt edge will become sharp. That’s very dangerous.


So, we set braking system in the barrier belt cassette so that we can ensure user’s safety.


After design braking system in the barrier belt cassette, the belt retract back can be controlled between 2 seconds to 5 seconds.


And we have our own patent for the technology of braking system we use.

Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers.jpg       

  Video about breking system and self-locked handle.

self-locked handle

Normal handle don’t have self-locked system, so it will fall down itself easily or when someone passing by and hit the barrier accidentally. Which makes it inconvenient during the usage.


Handle with self-locked system will lock itself when you buckle it on the other end. Then it will not fall down only when you take it off. This feature makes it more convenient.


But now maybe you will feel confused that how to take it off after it lock itself?


That’s a great question. Look at the following picture. In the picture is one kinds of handle with self-locked system that we provide.

Stanchion Belt Handle-RED LOCK.jpg

When you want to take the handle off, just hold something red on the handle (or other color, is the same), then remove it.

If you steel feel confused, please watch the video above again. Or you also can contact us to know more details.

Retractable barrier belt

Retractable barrier belt is an important part of belt stanchion.

Different size belt cassette can install different max length of barrier belt.


If the size of belt cassette is Dia. 63.50mm, the max belt length is 3.6m.


If the size of belt cassette is Dia. 76mm, its max belt length is 5m.

Crowd Control Retractable Belt Barriers.jpgDia.63.50mm Cassette 

Crowd Control Stanchion With Retractable Belt -- BP-36CD-76mm Head.jpgDia.76mm Cassette

Maybe you will feel interested in the barrier belt color. Here has a color selection. You can have a reference.

Retractable Stanchion Belt Color Selections-TRAUST.jpg

“P+No.” on every color is the code for the corresponding color.


Now, I will introduce something about barrier belt printing.


Company name, company logo or other tips information can be printed on the barrier belt.


We have three printed ways that you can choose: single side printed, both sides on same position printed and both sides on different position printed.

printed retractable barriers.jpg

Here is an example of logo printed belt barrier from Traust.

Cheap Stanchion -BP-32CD-With Printed Tape.jpg

And here has another example. The following picture is a printed belt composing with the warn tips. This printed way is both sides on different position printed.

Printed Barrier Belt.jpg

If you are interested in barrier belt printed and want to know more details or you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Barrier pole

We have several kinds of barrier pole that you can choose.


For the metal stanchion posts, we provide different finishes: polish finished, golden finish, black finish and so on.

Retractable Crowd Control Barriers -- BP-36CD-Different Finish.jpg

The belt stanchions in the above picture are made by different materials.


Polished finish and golden finish barrier posts are made by stainless steel.


Black and yellow finish barrier poles are made by steel.


We also have some barrier products which stanchion poles are made by plastic, such as outdoor crowd control barrier (BP-UT, DBP-UT), clean retractable barrier (BP-C).

Plastic Stanchions -- BP-UT.jpgDual Belt Plastic Stanchions -- DBP-UT.jpgRetractable Belt Barrier--BP-C With Ball.jpg

Barrier cover & base

We have several kinds of base cover. They have different shapes. Some of them have different features.


1. Domed cover and flat cover

Retractable Crowd Control Barriers -- BP-36CD--Cover--Polish Finish.jpgBP-32CF Flat base-1.jpg

Their shape, one look like a dome, another is flat. That’s their features of shape.


2. Stackable cover 

This kind of cover and base is flat which helps to stack the belt barrier. Which helps to save place.


Retractable belt barrier with stackable cover and base is a special product. Its item No. from Traust is BP-36IK.

Retractable Belt Stanchion with Stackable Iron Base--BP-36IK-Base1.jpgRetractable Belt Stanchion with Stackable Iron Base--BP-36IK.jpg

We also have rope barrier that match with stackable cover and base. Its item No. is RP-36IK.


3. Wheeled cover

As its name, this kind of cover designs with wheel.


As we all know, our retractable belt barriers are very heavy because of its heavy base.


So when we need to move them, that will be very inconvenient. And we feel tired after moving work every time.

Retractable Belt Barrier With Wheeled Base -- BP-35IF-WH--Base 1.jpg

The material of barrier cover and base

The materials of barrier cover are stainless steel and steel.


If the finish of the barrier cover is polish or gold or matte, the material is stainless steel.


Or if the finish of the barrier cover is black, its material is steel.


There are six types of barrier base. But there just three types of their materials.


First, let’s say something about barrier base material.


They are galvanized steel concrete base, plastic cement base and iron base.

Cheap Stanchion -BP-32CD-Concrete Base.jpg  Galvanized steel concrete base

Retractable Crowd Control Barriers -- Plastic Cement Base.jpg   Plastic cement base

Inside them, iron base has several types.


• Iron base for BP-35IF or RP-35IF.                   


Base of retractable belt barrier or rope barrier -BP-35IF & RP-35IF.jpg

• Iron base for BP-36IK or RP-36IK.                 


Iron base for BP-36IK or RP-36IK.jpg

• Iron base for BP-37ID.       


Retractable Crowd Barrier -- BP-37ID--Base.jpg

• Thread connection iron base for BP-35ID, BP-37ID and RP-35ID.


Line Control Retractable Belt Barriers -- BP-35ID--Iron Base.jpg

All these bases have rubber on the underside, which helps to protect the floor.


We also provide other special bases.

1) Galvanized steel base


Crowd Control Barrier Base.jpg

Galvanized steel base is used for BP-35SF or museum barrier (RP-35SF).


crowd control barrier posts with retractable belt.jpg  Retractable Belt Barrier--BP-35SF

Museum Barrier System -- RP-35SF--900mm Dual Line.jpg Museum barrier RP-35SF.


2) Recycled rubber base

Rubber base is used for outdoor crowd control barriers, BP-UT or DBP-UT.


Plastic Stanchions -- BP-UT--Rubber Base.jpg 

-----------------------------------------THE END-----------------------------------------

Well, above all are the basic information about retractable belt barrier.


If you want to know more details about some products, you can find out in the relevant product page.


Or you can contact us directly, and ask for an e-catalog.


You can contact our online service or leave us a message.


You also can email us.


Our email address: sales@traustcorp.com

Just contact us through the way that you are convenient.


We will reply you within 24 hours.

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